Anti-Amazon Wimpel über der Warschauer Straße

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TAZ, 14.01.2020


“What is happening here on this pre-Christmas Saturday on the central reservation of Warschauer Strasse just before Warschauer Brücke in Friedrichshain is part of the first public protest action against the so-called Amazon Tower. In October it became known that the mail-order giant wants to move into 28 of 35 floors of a 140-meter-high office tower that will be built at Warschauer Brücke by 2023.”, 26.01.2020


“Amazon plans to build a research and development centre in one of the tallest buildings in the city, directly on Warschauer Strasse, on 28 of 35 floors with 3,400 employees by 2023. So far, Amazon employs almost 1,000 people in this area. In the future, they will continue to work there with Volkswagen on the development of an “Industrial Cloud” and further expand Amazon’s cloud computing division Amazon Web Services, among other things”.
“The rent brake is great, but if at the same time companies come along that guarantee that rents will rise, then that is a contradiction. The people who come don’t want to live outside the S-Bahn ring, but in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. We think that’s why it’s worth fighting for our neighbourhood culture and an open city for everyone.

Komm:on, 22.12.2019


“On Saturday, December 21, 2019, “Berlin vs. Amazon” started its first day of action against the planned Amazon Tower in Warschauerstraße. They demand that Amazon faces up to its social responsibility and that it does not come to Berlin. If the company came to Berlin, it would increase the gentrification of the neighborhood around the Tower many times over and displace the people who currently live there and make up the neighborhood.