Objection against building permit Amazon Tower – update

At the end of August 2020, Naturfreunde Berlin (with help from Berlin Vs Amazon) submitted an objection to the building permit for the 140-metre “Edge East Side Tower” on Warschauer Brücke to the city planning office. In the meantime, the objection has come under the jurisdiction of the Senatsverwaltung. The building permit must be withdrawn

Set to become Berlin’s tallest high-rise, the tower will be located in a highly contentious area in terms of urban development – the already overcrowded Warschauer bridge. With Amazon as its main tenant, the tower’s overbearing presence will have fatal consequences on the neighborhood. Moreover, the “Amazon Tower” is already beginning to validate the existence of other high-rise buildings, such as ones at RAW Gelände Friedrichshain.

There are numerous reasons for cancelling the building permit:

-The building permit was granted prematurely before the building application was completed, and before receiving a final evaluation from the Senatsverwaltung 

-An impermissible exemption was granted to allow for the set height of the building to be surpassed

-The environmental impact assessment regarding climate, high-rise winds and shading was inadequate.

-The statement on traffic was incomplete and therefore unlawful

-There was a breach of contract regarding the required competition procedure

If the Senatsverwaltung were to revoke the building permit, there would be more freedom to discuss how the project will unfold. This is because the binding effect of the urban development contract ended in 2020, and the development plan can be modified as of 2021. A much lower structure could be built instead of the ridiculous mega-tower!

Although the prospect of success is very slim, we are continuing to explore possible legal solutions together with Naturfreunde Berlin. We can only hope for a surprise from the Senate whilst we continue to organize the resistance. #NoAmazonTower

construction site “Amazon Tower” 22nd Dec 2020