Appeal filed – building permit for Amazon high-rise must be revoked: Protest action on Fri, 4th September 11am @ Warschauer Brücke

At the protest action the Naturfreunde Berlin (Nature friends Berlin) with support of activists of Berlin Vs Amazon will present their contradiction against the distribution of the building permit for the building project “Edge East Side Berlin”, which was submitted at the urban development office. In the contradiction the NaturFreunde Berlin demand the cancellation of the building permit of the 140 meter high EGDE Tower, also known as Amazon Tower.

Objection: Building permit for EGDE EAST SIDE “Amazon Tower” must be revoked

In 2023, Berlin’s highest building is to overlook the Warsaw Bridge. The notorious and exploitative Amazon corporation wants to move into the tower with some 3400 developers. Upgrading and displacement are threatening and a shift of neighborhoods in favor of a tech elite is being initiated.

Come to the press conference and protest action on Friday, September 4 at 11:00 a.m. at Warsaw Bridge, in front of the EDGE East Side Berlin construction site.

More information:

Amazon EDGE East Side Construction Site at Warschauer Brücke in Berlin on September 2nd 2020. This is where the tower is planned to be built.