Amazon Subvertisment — Berlin

In Berlin, numerous posters have appeared in advertising spaces that highlight Amazon's harmful business practices. According to the Ad-Hack-collective „Stay Cyborg“, the posters draw attention to four specific practices of the giant: exploitation of workers, mass surveillance through data tracking, tax evasion and gentrification.

If We Could Put Eviction Into a Package, We Would Send it to You!

Our campaign, BerlinVsAmazon, is fighting against the construction of the Amazon Tower, a 140 meter skyscraper which would house the new Amazon headquarters in Berlin. As part of this struggle, we want to encourage conversations about the tech giant in our neighborhoods by moving critiques about it into public spaces.

We’re happy someone supported the struggle with an adbusting action because there are many large advertising spaces throughout the city where Amazon promotes their “listening devices” like Alexa, their streaming series or other products.

The designs of those posters were planned together with different groups of data activists including Tracking Exposed ( ) and HackMeeting, the italian gathering of hackLabs ( ). The designs have been uploaded to Steal This Poster, where anyone can download them:

We’re excited that someone started putting these posters up all over Berlin!